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Juice Exclusives



D’oh nuts – Strawberry Frosted Donut With A Strawberry Jam Filling Dipped In Milk


Fruity Pebbles D’oh nuts – Sugar glazed D


I Donuts Blueberry filled cake doughnut


Gush – Strawberry Gushers


Rolly– Fruit Roll-Up


Dunks– Graham Cracker & Vanilla Frosting


H2O Berry – Strawberry Watermelon Taffy


Grape Taffy– Grape Taffy


Blueberry Taffy- Blueberry Taffy


Green Apple Taffy- Green Apple Taffy


Pancake Man- Fluffy pancakes, strawberry & Maple Syrup


Fluff Man- Marshmallow with Sweet Berries


Shark Gummies- Blue Raspberry Candy


Sour Dream- Sour Gummy Candies (100% Tobacco Free Nicotine) 


Coil Glaze- Puff Pastry, Cinnamon with a Honey Glaze


I ♥ Cookies- Layered Cookies, Strawberry milk and Caramel

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